Installing and Configuring TDS – Part 1

We are starting a series on the TDS(Team Development for Sitecore). The series is divided into four parts:

  • Installing and Configuring TDS – Part 1
  • Code Generation with Glass Mapper – Part 2
  • TDS With Package Deployment – Part 3
  • Accessing in Code – Part 4

TDS is a visual studio plugin for the continuous integration with the features like code generation, package deployment. TDS provides a central repository to store the Sitecore items and .Net code together. It provides a central point for the development team for integration.

Setting and Configuring the TDS Project

1. After installing the TDS, let’s integrate the TDS project to the Sitecore Solution. We are implementing TDS in the Helix based Solution. As we all know the Sitecore solution is divided into the different features. So, we have to create a TDS project for every feature to maintain the designing principle. To create a TDS project navigate to Add -> New Project then select TDS Project.

2. After this, in your solution, you can see the TDS project. Now it’s time to configure the project so that it can connect to the Sitecore. Right Click on the TDS Project and navigate to the Properties -> Build.

Specify the Sitecore Web Url, Sitecore Deploy Folder and check the Install Sitecore Connector Checkbox. The connector will assign a Sitecore Access Guid which connects the Sitecore Instance to TDS.

3. After Configuring the Build option right click on the TDS project and Click Get Sitecore Items option and select the template from Feature folder which you want to sync with the current project.

That’s it!! Now TDS is configured with your Sitecore instance for serialization. In the next part, we will show you how to deploy the Code Generation with Glass Mapper.

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